Mixed Feelings

April 20, 2009

Now I want to say straight out that peer pressure is a stupid thing.  Consensus by the mob isn’t a good thing.  Individuality should be celebrated.

That being said, some ideas should be put though a filter of “what will her friends think about this when she tells them?”

A friend told me this story and I need to get it out of my head.  So I’m giving it to you, gentle readers.

While giving mixed tapes is an age old way to express your feelings, some thought needs to be given as to exactly what you are expressing.  (Just go to Cassettes From My Ex to see what can happen after the fact.)

So the story goes that a young man gave his young lady love tapes.  He recorded them himself.  They were of him reading The Lord of the Rings, and singing love songs.  Now, perhaps, for the right people this would be a wonderous gift.  But to this girl… it wasn’t.  It was songs sung off key by someone who wanted to be impressive for the wrong reasons.  It was a boy reading a book to listen to his own voice more than to give comfort to the listener.

Part of me thinks back to former boyfriends and wonders if I would have loved such a gift from them.  And if it were the right book or the right songs, I might.  More than anything else it would be one of those moments where you are really shown how well the other person knows you.  (This seemed like Homer giving Marge the bowling ball.)

Again, I can’t help but think that it should have been sifted through the filter of what her friends would think when they found out about it.  That might lead to slightly more level headed thinking.

But that’s just me.


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