Why does PG&E hate us?

April 28, 2009

So this is what… the third power outage (lasting 2 hours min) in the last 4 weeks, I think.  I’m really tired of this.  On the plus side – I have TONS of flashlights all over the place and the hot water heater is gas, not electric.

But I have an electric range.  So no cooking.  Also – I don’t open the fridge in a power outage.

To add insult to injury, the harmonic guy (some genius wanders around my neighborhood – going up and down the walk ways between the apartment buildings playing the harmonica BADLY) decided that a power outage would not stop his meandering concert.

Now I should mention that the whole block went down.  Again.  Ugh – why PG&E – WHY?

At least this one started just after 8pm.  The one that still bugs me the most happened after 11pm.  I was asleep.  Everything everywhere suddenly turning off woke me up.  Then I had to try to get back to sleep in the COMPLETE dark which is very strange once you’re used to hard core ambient light.  And once the electricity comes on, I was shocked awake again.  And I had to get out of bed to set the clocks or they would keep flashing the wrong time in bright red.


But there is power again.  So it’s safe to go to bed.



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