Dude – Stop trying to sell me things

April 29, 2009

I watched a LOT of TV as a child.  Which means I’ve seen a lot of commercials.  I think I might be inoculated now because, honestly, I don’t remember a thing they are trying to sell me.  Unless they are trying to sell me the music behind the action.  That I might pay attention to, if not the product itself.

Print ads aren’t really any better.  They just make me question what market they are going after.

My new least favorite ads are women’s magazines.  It’s not just legitimate ads, it seems like the entirety of the magazine is an ad for products that no one in their right mind needs.  At least not at those prices.

There are entire “articles” about new products to buy.  Some try to make it about the best products available but really it’s all just a sales pitch.  Forget it.  I’m done.

I don’t need color coordinated $50 gardening clogs. A list of the new great makeup items, not really what I’m looking for.  A single drawer pull for $9?  Not in the market.  I guess I should have known that the magazine would make up for the cheap subscription price some how.

At least it’s not a weekly magazine.  I will never do that again.

But then, that’s another post.


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