Better eating through paying attention

May 1, 2009

First off – I’m SHOCKED to tell you that my organic grass fed happy cow butter tasted waxy and not at all good.  I can not bring myself to tell you how sad that makes me.

I thought for sure it would be better than the wonderful butter I got at the Cheeseboard that was apparently made in small batches by one of their cheese producers.  ((Go – go now – it’s in the case against the wall by the bread.  BUY IT!!!  And pick up some Mock Boursin while you’re there.))

But no…. live and learn to never buy that waxy butter again.

Now organic farm fresh eggs?  Worth every stinking penny.  Soooo good.  And the nice ones will sell you a half dozen if you bring your own container. And as a bonus, usually at least one of the eggs is blue.  And I just think that’s neat.

I love the variety of the farmers’ market.  It used to be just fruits and veggies but now there are eggs and cheese and yogurt.  Fish mongers, farm fresh butchered meats and even a charcuterie represent at our farmers’ markets.  (Yes – I know I’m lucky.)

Although I prefer my local brick and mortar butcher shop – Ver Brugge on College.  They cure their own bacon.  It’s so lovely.  yum…. bacon  And they have really cheap bones for making your own stock.  But the hands down best thing about them is that they can tell you how to cook what they sell you.  I think I first set foot in Ver Brugge 13 years ago.  I wanted to make pot roast.  The man picked a cut of meat that would be just the right size, wrote down a recipe on an index card, and told me to come back and report.  Now that’s a store that I need to shop at more.

I also like the guys at both locations of Vintage Berkeley.  The pumping station on Vine at Shattuck rocks for atmosphere but I also like the mellow vibe in the new College Avenue store at Ashby.  Good prices on great wine.  And they know what they are talking about – which is good in a sales person.  No matter what they are selling.

The point of all of this is that there is good food out there.  It might just take a little digging to find it.  If you don’t have the time yourself… ask your friends.

It’s time to pay a little more attention.  Because I don’t know about you but I’m definitely worth it.


One Response to “Better eating through paying attention”

  1. All I can see now is you shaking out your hair and smiling at the camera. It’s a little creepy. Ok, a lot.

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