What does that say about me?

May 4, 2009

I can not for the life of me make anything other than eggs for less than 6 people.  My mother can cook for herself.  My dad and stepmom can make just enough to feed them.  But if I cook – then I cook for an army.

Rosie says that if I make split pea soup I don’t have to make 8 quarts but I just can’t make myself do it.

Food for one?  Why bother.

This is a bit of a challenge because … well there’s just me and I actually learned portion control about 30 years into my life.  So here I am with a desire to cook things (Because – let’s call it what it is – I am a picky eater and I like to control what goes into my food.) and then I can’t eat everything I make.

I would LOVE to have one or five big freezers… but where would I put them?  (Yes – I have actually put thought into this… but it won’t work.  Really – I think about it from time to time but I can never work it out.)

So here I am with all this food – lasagna AND pasta casserole today – and I can’t eat it all.  I can’t even really store it all.

This is why I love my friends.  Because I can just send out a shout saying I have food.  And more often than not I have friends who will happily take the extra food off my hands and give it a good home.

Rosie might be right.  The word community tends to be used a lot by people you don’t really want to form a community with but it really is the only word that can fully describe my friends.

That or just good company.

Anyone need some lasagna?

lasagnaslice of lasagna?



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