This reminds me of Hitchcock… sort of

May 6, 2009

I want some low budget budding film maker to remake The Birds in Berkeley with squirrels.  It could be fabulous in the right hands.

Sure, they’re adorable with their furry cuteness but let’s be honest.  They are just rats with better PR.  If seagulls are rats with wings (trademark Pixar) then squirrels are just rats with fuzzy tales.  And after decades of being fed by college students, they have NO fear.  They will walk right up to you.  You wouldn’t think it was so great if it was a rat, would you?

I’m harping on this today because there was a squirrel digging a big hole in one of my potted jasmine.  At first I didn’t really care.  In fact, I took pictures and emailed them to some friends.

But then I decided that enough was enough and I went out to fill in the hole.  I didn’t want anything bad to happen to my jasmine.  So there I am with my garden rake in hand filling in the hole and the squirrel walks right up to me.  Hello, potential weapon in hand!!!  No sense of self preservation – and no I didn’t hit the squirrel.  But come on – that’s not right.

Here are a few pictures of the squirrel.  You probably would have fed him.

squirrel 1squirrel 2squirrel 3



One Response to “This reminds me of Hitchcock… sort of”

  1. Clara Says:

    I have foolishly fed the neighborhood squirrels. In return, they terrorize my balcony, smashing up potted plants if I don’t instantly appear with pistachios. They like pistachios a lot. I’m completely ready for horror!squirrels.

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