Things I’ve learned from my friends…

May 8, 2009

I’ve learned so much from my parents… which is sort of their function.  Not that they weren’t good at it because they are… still.  But it all kind of blurs together.  But I was thinking about the very specific things I have learned from my friends.

Allyn makes me think about how my muscles and nerves and bones interact.  I’ve been thinking about this recently because I carried a too heavy bag of groceries too far.  This caused a pinched nerve near my shoulder blade which caused numbing in my pinky.  Shin bone connected the the knee bone and all that.  But I adjusted things and now the nerve is un-pinched and the numbness is going away.  Because Allyn makes me think about how things connect.  (Bonus – Duncan reminds me that everyone gets a second chance if you pay attention.)

Tony continues to teach me to just let things go.  I have no idea how it works but the fact that he likes the idea that I’m a low maintenance friend makes me actually BE a more low maintenance friend.  He makes me laugh uproariously and when stuff comes up, I really just don’t mind.  (Bonus – Brian makes me feel up for great adventures: zoos, museums, theater.)

Mahea reminds me that friendship doesn’t have a time table.  If we don’t talk for 8 months… that doesn’t mean we aren’t very good friends.  It just means we’ve been busy.  Besides – time zones confuse me.  Maui is two hours ahead.  I think.

Ally keeps my secrets.  Everyone needs someone to do that.  She’s mine.

Clara constantly gets me to forget about other people’s time tables.  Want to get someone a gift?  Don’t wait for a birthday or holiday.  Just give the gift.  Eggnog in July?  Why not.  Bake cookies in the middle of the week.  Schedules are all well and good but for goodness sake, enjoy yourself.

Kevin reminds me to be serious about what’s important but not take myself so seriously.  Balance… Kevin reminds me to balance.  (Bonus – Ella reminds me to smile and have fun with life.  You try meeting Ella and not smile.  You can’t.)

Rosie gets me to go back upstairs and get water for the journey.  Actually Rosie makes me reevaluate stuff and pay attention and a bunch of other things.  But the big one is … bring water.

Heather and Will demand that there must be time to sit down, have a beer and get shed on by cats.  It leads to better mental health.

There are others but I’m tired.  Think about what you learn from your friends.  It’s a fun challenge.



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