A Day Full of Win

May 11, 2009

It was adventure day today!  My first time out using my new City Car Share membership.

I reserved the car for 5 hours and yes I’m going to detail exactly what I did today.  If you have a problem with that, why are you reading my blog?

Okay – so I reserved the car from 11am until 4pm.  The Flavor Weapon came over and I gave her a cup of coffee before we went to collect the car.  We then drove off to get Clara and made our way down the freeway to the Dunbarton Bridge.  It really isn’t a long drive to Menlo Park but the roads are HORRID.

Our ultimate destination … PENZEY’S SPICE!!!

Penzey's Spice

Spice Store… SPICE Store… Store of Spice… What’s not to love about a store of spice?

We wandered section to section smelling everything.  It was WONDERFUL!

Penzey's Inside

After shopping we had a lovely lunch at Ann’s Coffee Shop –

Ann'sAnn’s is an OLD SCHOOL coffee shop.  Clara actually had a liverwurst sandwich with two sides – I think she had the potato salad AND the coleslaw.  I don’t know why she passed on the jello.

Breakfast they served all day… so … you know how that was.

But the best thing about Ann’s was their ice machine.  It cranked out the wonderful tiny fluffy crushed ice.  I had to take a picture of the Ice-O-Matic.  (Yes – that is the machine’s designation.)  I want one in my apartment building.  Oh – the impossible dream.


On the way back to the Dunbarton Bridge we made a stop at a Mexican Grocery store…. and I must say that I am more likely to buy a product if the packaging looks cool and it’s in a store other than Safeway or Trader Joe’s.


After driving back to Oakland and dropping Clara off we actually had enough time to hit the Safeway for flour before getting the car back in just 7 minutes before the deadline.

Now that’s just a day FULL of win.



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