Trees of the family variety…

May 12, 2009

So I had an interesting day.  Tony is on a MISSION to follow his genealogy.  And I can both understand and appreciate that.  He told me that the best place to research your family tree is at the nearest Mormon Temple.  Click here to read about the Mormon Church’s Family History program.

Anywho… Tony and Brian picked me up and we went to the Oakland Mormon Temple.  (You don’t have to wear church dress if you are just going to the Family History Center.  I asked.)


I spent time looking at the genealogy sites that are free inside the Family History Center.  I found out how things are tracked and how to look for family members and all that fascinating stuff.  (Really – I can’t tell you how amazing the people who staff this place are… if you are interested in this kind of thing, then I recommend going to your nearest Temple.)

The long and the short of this little adventure is this…  I really don’t care that much.  To quote one of my parents, “well, they are dead.”

Is it important to know your family?  Yes.  I just know different things.  I know that my Dad likes dessert in the morning, not after dinner.  And he really doesn’t care to keep the fish as long as the had the experience of catching it.  I know my stepmom doesn’t like milk and likes sweat pants to have that elastic band at the bottom.

I know that my mom and my brother go to the farmer’s market on the occasional Sunday and that she likes British TV much better than American.  I could go on about Zen floor plans and knitting but that’s not the point.

The point is that I know my family in the way that is important to me.  That my grandma Lucy’s family stretches back in this country to 1709 at least and that my mom’s great grandparents came over from Sweden… doesn’t mean as much as knowing what to get my family for their birthdays.

But that’s just me and I am different.



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