The New Economy… it’s a good thing

May 26, 2009

keep calm and carry onSo… yeah – the economy is different now.  And not necessarily in a bad way.

I’m kind of sick of the doom and gloom.  It’s tiring.  And pointless.  So let’s move beyond the bad news and get on with life.  No more living above our means.  Time to rethink our means all together.  What’s important?  Having a bigger TV than the neighbors?  That’s kind of dumb, isn’t it?

What do you need to really enjoy your life?  More than anything you need a good attitude.  After that?  Well for me… money doesn’t buy the really important stuff.  A good night sleep – nothing beats that.

It doesn’t cost much to take a hot bath.

Libraries have books and movies.

Barter is back – and that’s way cool.

Money is nice and you can do a lot with it but really the cheap credit has been biting us in the ass for years, if not decades.  The stock market was always a gamble and if you keep your chips on the table long enough the house will win them back.  And didn’t Trump teach us all that you might not always come out ahead in the real estate market?

So it’s time to rethink money and it’s meaning in your life.

Find your bliss.  And if you get your bliss by purchasing things… it’s time to take a long hard look at your bliss and what’s going on with you.

But that’s just my opinion.

With that…  I’m going to go trade paperbacks.



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