Couch Season Continues

May 27, 2009

I chatted with some very nice garbage men today.  They were throwing mattresses into the back of a garbage truck as the dumpster on the corner was taken away to be emptied.  The guys told me that it would be returned for at least another week.

Heather keeps telling me horror stories about people just leaving stuff all over the place.  Someone left a SOFA on the lawn in front of our apartment building.  He got it down from the third floor and then instead of taking it to the dumpster across the street, he just LEFT it in front of our building.

Gee, thanks!  Just what we always wanted.

The garbage men told me that they see it a lot.  Working TVs and DVD players, beds, furniture, anything and everything just laying around for someone else to clean up.

Personal responsibility… is it gone for good?  Will it ever come back?

In the mean time…  I’m still reading my romance novels trying to forget about pedophiles.



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