No, really, macrame

June 30, 2009

So I bought a new plant yesterday.  It’s a shade loving house plant.  I walked it home and it got a little more sun that it liked.  So I soaked it in the bathroom sink for a while.  Then, since it was a hanging plant with a little coat hanger already… I hung it from the shower curtain rod.

Now I think it looks really cool right there.

So I’m honestly considering taking up macrame just long enough to make a nicer plant hanger.

Fine so far and all that but then … pause … am I seriously going to take up MACRAME?

How wrong is this?

I’m disturbed… I think.



It makes sense…

June 29, 2009

If you start to think about it.

It’s hot.  Well…  my step-mom is laughing at us all since she’s from Sacramento and thinks we are wimps.  But for us Bay Area kids it’s HOT.  And icky.  But I know how to make nature work for me.

So I open the front door and the sliding glass door and a breeze is born.  Cross-ventilation is KEY.

But there’s more than that.  Today I actually cleaned the screen door and the screens in the windows.  Dust and dirt and gunk had coated over the screens and stopped a lot of air from getting through.  It just makes sense to clean them from time to time.  Heck – just run a hose over them.  Well, run the hose after you’ve closed the window or door.

So that’s my tip for the day.


I saw an article today that suggested making only manageable To-Do lists.  I stopped reading.  I don’t have manageable To-Do lists.  Well they are manageable, just not by me.  There are things I plan on doing in a day and occasional lists of things that need to be done in the very not so distant future.  But the real list – the TO DO LIST goes on for years.  In fact I am closing in on a task that I told my self should have been done LAST year.  Oh well.  I’m a procrastinator… what do you expect?

It’s just funny that the article popped up today because Shelley mentioned that her to do list has gone insane with a million tiny little things.  She says she would rather have just a few huge tasks.  I think I prefer the little things because I can actually get rid of them faster.  But I do see her point.

I did learn that it’s best to make a different list for different time tables.  The daily list, the weekly list and the … yeah I should do that list.  I actually track the long term stuff on a website – … it’s handy.

Not that I got everything done today that I had planned to do.

But all in all the day was pretty good.


Hanging’s too good for him. Burning’s too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!

So I hung my new art work in the bathroom today.

It wasn’t all that easy.  I actually spent a lot of time staring at the walls and looking at websites for information on placement of pictures on walls.  Rulers and yard sticks were used.

The problem stems from my dislike of that empty space at the top of a wall.

You are supposed to hang art at eye level.  But whose eye level.  I’m 5 feet 3 inches.  I tend to look up at the world.  Actually – I tend to use my whole field of vision… all the time.  (Stuff on the peripheral is important!)

So where do I put the art so that I think the wall looks correct?

Oh the decisions.  What a pain in the butt.

But now that’s done.


And then I went and bough another piece of wood to paint.

I’m thinking koi.  Once I learn how to paint koi.


$415K… Really?

June 25, 2009

I was thrilled to read the report that the economy is stabilizing and the the housing market is finally starting to rebound a bit.  Looks like Shelley was right AGAIN and we should be getting better by Fall.  Shelley is always right.  That must really piss off Brad from time to time.  But that’s neither here nor there.

So the housing market is rebounding.  WONDERFUL!  Great news.  Property Tax makes the world go round.  At least in California it does.

So – yippee and all that but that does not mean that this condo is worth $415,000.


Well maybe someone thinks spending that much on a very beautiful craftsman 1 bedroom / 1 bath (oh and notice that it’s a SHARED laundry situation) is a great deal.  I mean it’s a nice neighborhood – if you don’t mind being on a massively busy street and right by a hospital.

Am I wrong?  Or are people still insane enough to purchase at this price?



Toolboxes are cool!

June 24, 2009

I spent today reorganizing my toolboxes.  I have a few.

A small one for the tools I use most of the time and a large one for the bits and bobs I use every once in a while.  Then I have another medium sized one for my acrylic paints.

Today I dumped them all out and combined and organized and now the small toolbox has all the tools, the medium sized box has the nails and screws and other odds and ends.  And the LARGE box has all my brushes and paints etc.

I feel so clean and organized.  I know where my hammer AND my mallet are.

I have also come to the realization that I have a LOT of tools.  I think I get this from my dad… although Dad could probably use them all a lot better than I could.

Oh – and I have a socket set.  I didn’t know I had a socket set.  How cool is that?  I mean I have a small socket set in the junk drawer but I have a big real socket set in the toolbox.  So cool.

I’m curious.  What tools do you have?

And what tools do you wish you had in your tool box that you don’t have currently?

I managed to make myself watch the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens about the Beales of East Hamptons.

It was horrifying.  I knew that it would be but I’m still surprised by the relationship between the characters and the fact that some many people found humor or something similar in the Beales.

But as much as I didn’t enjoy the documentary, the commentary track was worse.

The people who made this film relied on the two women to provide their whole history.  You get no real back story unless you know something about the people.  Now relying on people who are living in a level of permanent fantasy land doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  But listening to the commentary, I’ve decided that the film makers were so enamored of the ladies that they saw a full story being told.

There were plot points that the film makers found humorous that had some basis in reality.  They joked on the commentary track that Little Edie’s fear of people creeping around; saying that she finds it to be high drama.  But you can read about actual break ins at Grey Garden and her fear of break ins caused her to move from her own apartment in New York into the Barbizon Hotel for Women.  So is it drama?  Is it a life long fear?  Should it be used as a source of humor?

I think I’m just too serious to take this sort of thing as humor.  I watch this and see a cautionary tale.  These are two women who could not adapt to their times.  Who made choice and had choices thrust upon them that didn’t end in a happily ever after kind of way.

Maybe I just didn’t get it.

I wonder if I’ll get the musical instead.