step 3… trying to paint

June 2, 2009

So I prepped and primed on Saturday.  I painted with the quart of paint I had on Sunday.  I realized that one quart was not enough around 2:30pm.  By 3pm I had resigned myself to the fact that my paint store was not going to be open until 11am on Tuesday.

I never should have started this project.  It will all end in madness.

So since today is Tuesday… I went and got quart number 2 of paint.

Prepped again and painted.  Full coverage.  Start at one end and work around.  Except I ran out of paint… AGAIN.

I got good coverage except on the last section.  It seems a bit streaky to me.  But then it might still be wet.  It might be fine.  I don’t know.

If it’s streaky… I don’t WANT to paint again.  And it would be another quart which means I would have to paint the WHOLE room again because of color differentiations.  And I don’t want to paint AGAIN!

Besides – will anyone other than me notice?  Will I even notice once my stuff is back in the room?


Why did I do this again?



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