ups and downs of a day

June 3, 2009

No matter what I typed last night I think we all knew I was going to go buy another quart of paint today.  Even the lovely lady at the paint store was not really surprised to see me for the third time in less than a week.

So – still painting.  JOY!

But on the bright side it was a good day for my Netflix queue.  I finally got Slumdog Millionaire and that was a great movie.  I really enjoyed that – didn’t you?  And in the afternoon I got Lady of Burlesque and Slings and Arrows Season 1 Disk 1 in the mail.

What I really enjoyed was the moment where I realized that I had seen the guy in Slings and Arrows in something else.  So I looked the show up in IMDB and I found him.  He was Constable Benton Fraser in Due South.  BONUS!  And he’s got shaggy hair and wields a foil in TWO episodes.  NICE!

My focus is going to stay on the shaggy hair and the foil and OFF the 3rd quart of paint I’m going to need to deal with tomorrow.



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