How do you know?

June 8, 2009

psykopainted koi 45Tony just reminded me of a conversation we had last week.

It revolved around people saying “you HAVE to watch this” about movies, tv shows, online clips of whatever…

Really?  I have to watch this WHY?  Just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean your friends will also enjoy it.

Well – unless you share the same taste in movies or tv shows or online clips.  But if we don’t have the same sense of humor then why on Earth would I want to watch this great new tv show you just found that fits YOUR sense of humor but not mine?

This is not to say that you shouldn’t say … I really liked this thing that I just saw.  Then the other person can judge for themselves.  Or if you know you share a love of a certain performer or genre or whatever … then by all means – recommend away.

ARGH…. am I the only person that is bothered by this?  Doesn’t it kind of show a level of selfishness combined with a lack of knowledge of MY tastes.  Not everyone likes the same things you do.

Eh, maybe it’s just me.



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