I can’t find my glass bottle

June 10, 2009

I’ve spent the last 30 minutes searching for my glass bottle.

Don’t worry, it’s empty.

It was empty when I bought it, it was empty when I brought it home.  (Technically I think I bought 10 or 12 of them but I keep them on the patio because I had no use for them originally.  I used to buy things because they were cute.  Thank goodness I got over that.)

Anyway – so a week or so ago I took 2 bottles out of the box on the patio and brought them inside.  I used one of them to store little bath beads that I bought at Juniper Tree on San Pablo at Dwight.  The other one I didn’t need.  I didn’t put it back on the patio.  I know that.

But I CAN’T find it.  This is not to say that there are not literally hundreds of places to “misplace” something in my apartment.  And since I was going to use it in the bathroom, I can say that there are probably a hundred places it could be in the bathroom.  But I can’t find it!!!


This is pissing me off.

I usually know where all my stuff is.  It’s my stuff.  I care about it.  I love it.  It comforts me.

But not when my stuff runs away!

Found it.  On the baubles shelf in the cube wall.  And now it is filled with the bath beads I bought today.


glass bottles of bath beads



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