With communications there would be no PLOT!

June 11, 2009

Films, books, life…. all of it.  If people would actually talk, actually speak what is really on their minds and what is really in their hearts… then there would be no plot.  There would be conflict, there would be problems.  But the plot points would disappear.

I made the mistake of watching “He’s Just Not That Into You”.  This was a movie I should not have watched because it wasn’t a love story or a story about love.  It was a story about miscommunication and lying to yourself in order to feel better.

Now I do love a good love story.  I even love a bad love story.  Heck – I read romance novels (both good ones and bad ones).  But I’m getting really pissed off with the lack of actual communication.  Talk.  Speak your mind.  If you don’t express your needs then how can they be met?  No matter what late night TV says, no one is psychic.  And the double speak of saying one thing when you mean another and expecting people to know the difference as a test of if they actually care about you?  What the hell is that?

((should hell be capitalized?))

I must admit that I look at “The Gift of the Magi” and think… do you two love each other so deeply because you don’t actually TALK to one another?  I think the sentiment of that story is lost on me.

Oh well… maybe it really is just me.



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