Borrowing Cats

June 13, 2009

Heather and Will had to go somewhere.  Which means I have been borrowing the cats.

They stay upstairs but I go and hang out and scratch their backs and bellies and hug them and make sure they have food and water and that everything is going swimmingly for them.

I LOVE these cats.

This is Lucifer – he loved me first.  He will stand on his hind legs to get to my hand if I’m not actively scratching him.


And this is Diablo.  He took a long time to warm up to me but now he wants to be picked up every time I’m there.  Today he actually left the corner of the couch he’s been in for 2 straight days.


I must say it’s fun to borrow other people’s cats for a while.  Even if I really need to clean my green sweater now.



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