Reduce Reuse Recycle

June 18, 2009

Or cannibalize what you have to make what you need / want.

I got a phone call from Clara last week asking if I wanted some pillow forms she had.  Since I had just bought two 24 by 24 pillow forms I didn’t really need more fluff but I wasn’t going to turn it down.  I did ask why she was getting rid of them.  So she told me.

The pillows were too small (basically 16×16 and on the very squishy side / not a lot of support).  She was going to replace them with maybe 2 pillows in a different size (24 by 14 or something similar).

Blink blink blink…. Clara, why don’t I just sew you new pillowcases to stuff with the pillows you already HAVE.

Blink blink blink… you can do that?

So we discuss size and fluffiness and how fluffiness will effect size.  Numbers were decided on and fabric was picked out.

Here is one of the six pillow forms that Clara was getting rid of…


And here is one of the two new pillows I made for Clara with five of the six pillows Clara gave me…

almost finished pillow

Friends help friends when they can.  And since Clara helps me out all the time… it’s nice to do something for her every once in a while.



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