The Manageable To-Do List

June 27, 2009

I saw an article today that suggested making only manageable To-Do lists.  I stopped reading.  I don’t have manageable To-Do lists.  Well they are manageable, just not by me.  There are things I plan on doing in a day and occasional lists of things that need to be done in the very not so distant future.  But the real list – the TO DO LIST goes on for years.  In fact I am closing in on a task that I told my self should have been done LAST year.  Oh well.  I’m a procrastinator… what do you expect?

It’s just funny that the article popped up today because Shelley mentioned that her to do list has gone insane with a million tiny little things.  She says she would rather have just a few huge tasks.  I think I prefer the little things because I can actually get rid of them faster.  But I do see her point.

I did learn that it’s best to make a different list for different time tables.  The daily list, the weekly list and the … yeah I should do that list.  I actually track the long term stuff on a website – … it’s handy.

Not that I got everything done today that I had planned to do.

But all in all the day was pretty good.



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