No, really, macrame

June 30, 2009

So I bought a new plant yesterday.  It’s a shade loving house plant.  I walked it home and it got a little more sun that it liked.  So I soaked it in the bathroom sink for a while.  Then, since it was a hanging plant with a little coat hanger already… I hung it from the shower curtain rod.

Now I think it looks really cool right there.

So I’m honestly considering taking up macrame just long enough to make a nicer plant hanger.

Fine so far and all that but then … pause … am I seriously going to take up MACRAME?

How wrong is this?

I’m disturbed… I think.



One Response to “No, really, macrame”

  1. Clara Says:

    One of the scariest things in Frost/Nixon was a gigantic macrame wall hanging of an owl. The set dressing was fantastic.

    Macrame horror aside, this reminded me of the very happy ferns that used to hang in the shower at a former home (H Street, early 1970s, Sacto).

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