TED: Ideas worth spreading

July 1, 2009

So I’m kind of addicted to TED Technology Entertainment Design.  Ally told me about a documentary based on TED.  I moved it to the top of my Netflix queue and watched it.  Then I just fell in love.

I don’t agree with everything I see.  I don’t even like it all.  But I adore that the medium is there.  That people are talking about these ideas.  A constant conversation on ways to make the world better.

One of my favorite moments is from a talk given by Anthony Robbins.  Now I’m not the kind of person who wants or needs a motivational speaker to give me tips.  But when Anthony Robbins called Al Gore to the carpet and told him that if he had spoken with the passion he showed in his talk on global warming during the election… then he would have won hands down.  Now that’s honesty.

This week I watched a talk by Arthur Benjamin, a man who thinks we need to revisit high school math.  Right now math moves in a progression with Calculus at the top.  This guy says – it makes more sense to move the top over to statistics because while Calculus can explain the universe but statistics can explain your world… right now.  That’s an idea worth thinking about.

So take a look.

Check out TED.

And maybe you’ll start to think of new things that just might change the world.

I’m just saying.


DUDE – Watch THIS!!!


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