What Rosemary Taught Me

July 2, 2009

Rosemary taught me this and now I share with you.

If you have a sour stomach and don’t really want to take anything for it… use a very old school form of medicine.  Put 2-4 drops of aromatic bitters in a glass of water (sparkling water is best but you can make due with tab if that’s all you have) and drink it down.  Bitters are made with alcohol but really – it’s a drop or two so it’s fine for day time use.  Amazing stuff.  The classic is Angostura, but you can also get Peychaud or my favorite Fee Brothers (I have the orange, cherry and mint).  I’m telling you… Bitters – they are for more than the perfect Old Fashioned.

I actually picked up the cherry and mint bitters at Ledgers Liquors today while running errands.  Ledgers is a total dive liquor store on University Avenue but they have the whole Fee Brothers collection.  They are the only people around her that can say that.

Anyway – after running all my errands I headed home and one the way I saw this…

Photo_070209_003UC Berkeley has all these pictures of students on banners around campus.  Now – I think I understand what this girl MEANT to say but when I read “The sound of the world opening at your feet” all I can think is that if the world opens at your feet you are going to slide straight to Hell.

I had to share that.  But really you should just focus on the bitters.



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