Learned Life Skills

July 20, 2009

I stayed up way too late last night watching movies.  And since my laptop works again, I was surfing my way through gum-stick battery websites looking for a deal.  Around 1:30am I got an IM from Heather upstairs asking if I could hear the fight in the apartment next to mine.

The apartment right next to mine….. ummm no, can’t hear a thing.

Seriously.  Heather recounts details and I can’t even hear the murmurs of a fight.

Now – I actually have pretty good hearing.  But my brother played electric, amplified bass guitar whenever he felt like it.  Even when I was trying to sleep.  So I’ve learned to just tune a whole lot of crap out.  If I need to hear it / I hear it.  If something is rustling around in the dried leaves of my patio, I hear it.

Someone breaking up with their boyfriend… ummmm not so important.

As life skills go, mine isn’t bad.

What’s yours?



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