Don’t you love it when…

July 21, 2009

You’re off on your own, headed out for an adventure and you randomly run into people you just adore but NEVER see?

I was on my way to Home Depot with a huge list of stuff I need for various projects in the homeland and there… just across the street… on their way to Bakesale Betty’s…. were Chris and Julie.

I meet Chris while working at Williams Sonoma and quite honestly I think that EVERYONE needs a former Marine sniper for a friend.  Especially if said former sniper then goes to culinary school.  Chris is the only person that I can honestly say that I’m jealous of his knives.  The hunting ones more than the culinary ones but that’s just how I roll.

I meet Julie through Chris and I haven’t seen her since we left Bay Street.  Julie has the best smile and I learned today some very interesting stories about hairdressers and personal trainers.

So here’s to running into friends on the way to the hardware store.




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