This will end in madness…

July 22, 2009

So, have you ever meet someone who used contact paper on every surface in their reach?

Well I’ve found my contact paper…  vinyl flooring tiles.  I’m going to end up covering every surface in my apartment in these tiles.

I got them to cover the top of my dresser.  I had thought about getting glass and doing a collage under that or painting a piece of wood or getting a really nice piece of wood and varnishing it or … a dozen different things to cover the damaged top of my not very old dresser.

It seems that the oils from my perfumes eat through the paint and I’m positive I wouldn’t be able to perfectly match the color so I just need to cover it.

I have no idea how I learned about vinyl floor tiles but I did.  Then I started looking for them online and then while at Home Depot I got 6 – 12×12 tiles in 2 different styles.  One is an imitation slate tile with grout and everything.  The other is faux parquet wood flooring.  It’s a pictures on top of a thick piece of vinyl with a sticky backing.

I decided to use the slate for the dresser.


I didn’t want to do anything permanent so I just duck taped the pieces…


And then just flopped it over and voila!


And since I had the faux parquet … I put it on the scared top of my sewing cabinet…


I can tell I’m going to find a new pattern I like and cover my desk.

I’m telling you… this will end in madness.


post script…

phone conversation with Mom…

me: So tomorrow I’m going to coat the plant stand with polyurethane.

Mom: You will be doing that outside, right?

me: … ummmm yeah….?

Mom: I thought I should check.

me: … I concede the point of asking.


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