Where does she find this stuff?

July 30, 2009

Clara tells me about the coolest TV shows.  Over the years she has made sure I watched a lot of very interesting movies …  Dark Harbor and Revengers Tragedy to name only two.  But the TV shows are where she really shines.  Just a few months ago she had me watching Stephen Fry drive around America doing a travelogue for the BBC while driving a black London cab.

I didn’t think she could out do that… and then she did.

It’s called The Supersizers Go … and it’s INSANE!!!

The Supersizer part comes from the Morgan Spurlock documentary Super Size Me.  We all got to watch his health decline while he ate nothing but McDonalds.  In this show the two hosts are checked out by a doctor and then spend a week eating in accordance with a particular time frame.  Mideval times, Elizabethan, the 80’s.  They’ve had two seasons already.  And I’m eager to see what comes next.

I’ve just started watching the show and I have a bunch of episodes to watch but come on…. tell me you aren’t interested in this insanity!

Season One:

Wartime 1940

Restoration 1660

Victorian 1860

Seventies 1970

Elizabethan 1490

Regency 1800

Season Two:

Eighties 1980

Medieval 1100

Fifties 1950

Revolution (French not American) 1789

Twenties 1920

Edwardian 1900

Yeah, I’m addicted.



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