I Won Romance Novels!

August 4, 2009

Smart Bitches, Trashy Book (Which is a GREAT site!) is holding a contest with Dear Author (another good site that I recently started to visit).  The contest is entitled Save Our Contemporaries, which I don’t really understand.  Do we need to save contemporary romance novels?

Maybe we do… maybe we need to pull the them back from the pathetic label of Chick Lit and reclaim them as the romance that they are.

I can admit to being a Harlequin girl.  I like contemporary romance novels.  I’m fond of Harlequin because they are kind enough to sort the books out for me by category.  Do you want family centric… SuperRomance almost always has kids.  (I avoid those like the PLAGUE!)  Virgins are in the white covers and the sex is behind the red.  Duh.  Everything is to formula to an extent and you know what you’re going to get.  There may be a twist and some are better than others but let’s face it… there’s a reason you buy the same brand of peanut butter over and over again.  You like a brand you can depend on.

Yes I just compared romance novels to peanut butter.  It works on many levels.

((Side note: I think Mills Boone is just the British name for Harlequin books… I need to figure out why they just don’t use the same name everywhere.))

Maybe contemporary romances need to be saved because of the increase in supernatural romances.  In case you missed it – Vampires and Werewolves are big business these days.

No one needs to save the historicals because they have been around since women wrote books.  And to paraphrase Miss Sarah Wendell and Miss Candy Tan of Smart Bitches  (and Beyond Heaving Bosoms) in their NPR interview … if you’ve read Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters then you’re already a romance reader.

Maybe the contemporaries need to be saved from themselves and the shame they feel at not being sold in every bookstore.  I recently had to deal with the fact that there isn’t a bookstore in the city of Berkeley that carries Harlequins.  It’s a HUGE industry but no one carries current Harlequins.  Used romance novels are sold at Half Priced Books on Shattuck and blow me down The Other Change of Hobbit is now carrying Georgette Heyer reprints.  But the closest places to pick up a Harlequin Temptation are Barnes and Noble in Emeryville and the big CVS pharmacy on Broadway in Oakland.

So I entered the contest to win a romance novel or two and yippee I was one of the winners!

Now I’m just trying to win the Harlequin tote bag.  Wish me luck.



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