Continuing Saga of a Lousy Bedouin

August 6, 2009

I have accepted that my “amber” necklace is not amber at all.  Amber starts life as tree sap.  The rocks in my necklace are way to cold to have started life as tree sap.  But I couldn’t figure out what it was.  It could have been glass or plastic or some other kind of rock.

On Thursday the Clar’s Auction House on Telegraph holds a free appraisal clinic from 9 am-12 noon.  There’s a 5 item max but all I want to know about is my necklace.  So I woke up early today and headed down to Clar’s to be there when they started at 9.

There was already a good sized group when I got there.  I signed in and sat down to wait.  It’s a good thing that I had a book because it was a wait.  About an hour into the waiting it comes out that the jewelry appraiser isn’t in today.  This was not announced, someone heard it said to someone who was waiting and repeated it loud enough for all of us to hear.  ARGH…. it seems to me that this could have been disclosed long before now.  I decided to wait even if the jewelry specialist wasn’t there because I just needed to know the stone type.  Someone else should have been able to help.

Even at the auction house, everyone said… That’s amber!  (They said it in a way that reaked of “how stupid are you to not recognize amber?”)  But then I handed the necklace over and they saw the problem.  Turns out that it isn’t just the temperature but the weight that shouts “It’s NOT amber.”  But they couldn’t say what it was.  Could be glass, could be quarts, could be some other stone, or it could just be pebbles.  My options were to leave it there for when the jewelry person came back to work or call back or find a jeweler.  I took it with me.  I’d figure something out later.

But I just couldn’t let it go.  I wanted to know.  And I wanted to know TODAY.  So after going to the post office on College and Ashby, I walked up to Bill’s Trading Post and Gem Gallery.  The people in the Gem Gallery were busy and didn’t seem inclined to help so I wandered over to the Trading Post.  I chatted with the nice girl behind the counter.  (Turns out she is going to start her second year at Davis next year.)  I told her I had a puzzle and asked for help.  I pulled out the necklace.

“That’s amber.”  (Her tone was nicer but still… it was getting old.)

I handed it to her and she changed her tune.  But she couldn’t figure out what it was either.  But there was a lady there who could.

The jeweler / gemologist / wonderful woman got her loop and looked at a few of the bead and proclaimed … this is citrine, a form of quartz.

Someone picked the stones well and the pearl knots between each stone is very well done.  Infact the jeweler thought that the work might have been done at their store.  Which makes sense because I bought it at an estate sale a few blocks away.

When I asked what it was worth, she said it was worth a little bit more than I paid for it.  But between the adventure and the mystery and the fact that it is a GREAT faux amber necklace.  I think I came out ahead.

But I’m still a lousy Bedouin.



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