Must be the theory of large number…

August 10, 2009

Or – I had to win at some point in my life.

So as I mentioned on Saturday… My computer (now named Carol Anne after the little girl in Poltergeist) ate my New Broadway Cast Recording of Cabaret.  Carol Anne would not let go.  I tried all the tricks I knew of and … nope, not letting go.

This led to a search for someone to get the cd out of my possessed computer.  Never never never never NEVER again will I deal with tech support from a box store.  Geek Squad, my Aunt Fannie.  Not happening.  And I have no faith in Staples or any of the other boxes.

Since I know a little bit about Yelp and how things can be weighted one way or another based on how Yelp feels about a business, I decided to look at Berkeley Parent Network first.  I check out a couple of places but the one that really stood out was Computer Courage.

Why I liked Computer Courage on Saturday as my computer was spewing proverbial green pea soup at me: Nice, calm, well designed website – it didn’t blink or beep, it just gave a very straight-forward introduction to the company.  LinkGoClick now then come back.  No, really, I’ll wait.

I was right, wasn’t I?  Calming color scheme, good font, all good good good.  I used the little site Contact Us thing to sent a message about my problem.  Then I had to wait.  I hate waiting.  Waiting sucks.

But I didn’t think about it much on Sunday because it was Sunday and I had cinnamon rolls to make.

Then on Monday I got an email from the lovely folks at Computer Courage.  It was clear and concise.  I felt comfortable taking Carol Anne to meet these people.  When I responded asking about price, not only did I get a possible figure but I got multiple estimates (depending on how fubar things were inside the drive).  Liking these people more and more.

So I unplugged everything and packed up the box.  Off to MLK and Virginia.  Found the location and walked in.

In the entry… a doggy taking a nap.  ALWAYS a good sign.  A cat would be better but these are computer people and the dog is kind of expected.

The side room had 4 people all working but not in that “I’m ignoring the world” kind of way.

A very kind blond lady asked what I needed.  We talked.  The guy I emailed with piped in and we talked.  Fees were discussed, possible outcomes were discussed.  It was a lot like visiting the doctor but with more money and less insurance discussion.

I was in the vaguely pissed off / let’s just fix this thing phase so off we went.  Adam (the guy I emailed with) used the timer on his iphone so we would both be sure of the billable hours and off he went.  The best thing was that he told me what he was going to do at every step.  No, wait, back up… the BEST thing was that he was able to work on my box immediately.  Part of that might be the fact that even the worst case scenario only took 45 minutes to resolve.

I joked around (as I do when I’m angry / upset / pissed off / uncomfortable) until finally it was decided that the drive could not be saved but the cd could.  (I’m keeping the broken drive.  It’s going to be art… it deserves to be bad art after all this.)

Computer Courage had replacement drives at a fair price so I paid for a new one and had it installed.  Yes it cost a total of $99 to get the issue dealt with.  But I walked out with a better than new machine, a better understanding of how to replace the drive myself if it comes down to that again, and the WHOLE thing was done in less than 30 minutes from walking in the door.

I’m sold.

I love these people.

You want to know who to take your computer to…. Computer Courage.  And apparently they make house calls too.

I’m still calling her Carol Anne.  I’m still pissed off.  Even if it’s been fixed.



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