Cottage / Shepherd’s Pie

August 13, 2009

It’s hot again.  Nette laughed at me over that.  She’s in Sacramento where they have real heat.

For some reason I can not stop myself from craving, cooking and eating things best left for the winter.  So today I made Cottage / Shepherd’s Pie.  Cottage Pie means it’s made from beef and Shepherd’s Pie means it’s made from lamb.  Since I used both I can call it either, or both.

I used the Cooking for Engineers recipe as a base and made modifications according to my tastes.

Let’s jump to the pictures, shall we?  Yes, lets.

potatoesMashed Potatoes….. YUM!!!  When I make this again I will add garlic and cheese to the potatoes instead of just using Parmesan on the top of the final product.

carrots and onionsBig chunks of onion and carrot … I left out the celery because I add peas later.

lamb and beefI used 1/2 pound of beef and 1/2 pound of lamb.  Picking out the ground beef was hard.  I was at Berkeley Bowl West and I swear they had 10 different kinds of ground beef.  I just pointed at one.  There was only one kind of lamb, no decisions there.

wineAfter adding the flour and cooking it a bit I added wine instead of broth.  I didn’t have beef broth and I have a LOT of red wine.  Also – I used thyme and parsley that I had vacuum sealed in the freezer instead of dried herbs.

peasI had to add peas.  It needed peas.  So frozen peas!

pyrexI love my Pyrex 9×13 pan.  I use it ALL the time.

herringboneTake fork, make pattern!

butter and cheeseButter and cheese on top.  I skipped the paprika because I forgot about it.

yumdinnerYummy yummy dinner!

I will absolutely make this again.

Now I must do the dishes.



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