Some days I don’t want to be nice… so I don’t.

August 19, 2009

I was at the grocery store today.

I got some asparagus, bread, jam, and Crystal Geyser lime sparkling mineral water.  I was in line, getting ready to put my stuff on the conveyor belt, so I took my earphones out so I could pay attention to what’s going on.

That’s when the guy in front of me ask, “Are those for your phone?”

“No, they’re for my … walkman.”  I’m tired of explaining the minidisc player to people I don’t know.

This guy didn’t seem to have anything to buy.  He was carrying a cup of coffee but didn’t have a cart.  The woman in front of him seemed to have all the groceries in front of me.  Confusing but whatever.

He then told me that The Dollar Store had water for $0.99.

Now – I did not ask for this information.  I also didn’t volunteer that the Crystal Geyser was on sale for $0.89 and that’s why I picked some up.

I grunted at him and had to immediately tell the new cashier (they had just swapped drawers) that my wine didn’t belong to the guy in front of me.  So yeah – he was just getting the coffee.

It took a while to delete the wine and do the new transaction and he paid for his cub of coffee with plastic – eh, I’ve done that before.

What’s kind of strange is that I chatted with the clerk.  He carded me and I told him Thanks for not thinking I was 35.  He said he was 33 and that he thought it best to just card.  It was friendly but not intrusive.  Just the kind of checkout conversation I like.  Simple, nice, and not really worth writing about except as counter point to what happened next.

So I packed up my groceries in my bag and paid and headed out.  I was pushing my little cart to return it to it’s homeland.  Because I’m like that.

The strange guy FOLLOWED ME OUT!  He told me again about the Dollar Store.  I told him that I don’t talk to strange men.

Which… come on… is totally a lie.  I talk to strange men all the time.  I just had a lovely little conversation with the checker.  But at the same time.  If you give me a wiggy feeling I’m going to ignore you.

So I walked away.

But it still unnerved me.

And it made me wonder.  Why am I comfortable talking to some people and not others?  What’s the difference?

I don’t know.  All I know is that I’m going to have another glass of wine.



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