Things You Learn From TV

August 21, 2009

I’ve been watching some interesting TV shows by way of Netflix.

I was trapped in the wonder that is / was Have Gun Will Travel (I can not express how HORRIFIED I am by the idea that Eminem is going to start in a modern update.), Burke’s Law, and The Man from Uncle.

Then my postal person when on vacation.  This led to my mail being delivered around 6pm… so I spent a lot of time without a Netflix disc to watch.  So I went online and found out Netflix would stream something to my computer if I clicked nicely.  So I watched season 5 and 6 of Penn & Teller Bullshit.

This is Harry Houdini debunking charlatans brought to the modern age.

Now – I agree and understand a lot of what they are debunking.  And I realize that they are mostly just preaching to the choir complete with topless showgirls and a lot of curse words.

But today I learned something that I had no idea about.

You know all those people that tell you that you should play Mozart for your child so they will be smarter?  Well that is an idea that was tested by Dr Gordon Shaw (Professor Emeritus – Physics Department UC Irvine) on GROWN-UPS!  And it only ever lasted a few minutes.  But no one talks about that.

Now I like Mozart and that might have something to do with the fact that my parents played Mozart when I was a kid.  But they weren’t playing it for me.  They liked Mozart and Brahms and Verdi before my brother or I ever came along.

I knew a girl who played her child Guns N Roses.  Sam was an insanely smart kid AND he was super polite.  But the best thing was that he could sleep through just about anything.  Because noise didn’t bother him.

Now that’s smart child rearing if you ask me.

You can all be glad I won’t be raising any children, but you might want to think about what you believe about child rearing.  Just in case that Mozart stuff is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to money making myths that involve your kids.



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