The continuing saga of fraud

August 24, 2009

So July 1st I discovered that someone had charged $50 on my debit card to some company named Zygna.  I blogged about my joy of the ease with which Wells Fargo’s fraud department agreed that I’m just not an online poker playing kind of gal.

I really haven’t thought about the whole thing at all since I mailed Wells Fargo the signed affidavit that I didn’t make the charge and that I REALLY wanted to press charges against whoever did make the charges.

Then, 6 days ago I got an email from Zynga saying that they are starting to look at my claim.

I filed a claim with Zynga on the Sunday I saw the charge and then on Monday I contacted Wells Fargo.

And while Wells Fargo took me through the “let’s fight these jerks” process step by step; after the initial contact with Zynga I didn’t hear anything… Until 6 days ago.

I got an email saying that they understood that I thought there was something going on with my account.


The email made it obvious that no one read the complaint that I filed a month and a half ago.  I emailed back what the complaint was and I was rather rude about it.

The email was noreply@ blah blah blah.  That’s comforting.

I got another email yesterday stating that they hadn’t heard from me.

They wanted me to respond through their website.  Which wanted me to log in or create an account.

Ummmm NO!

So I tracked down a number and called the company.

I explained that I was not impressed, explained the current situation and gave them Wells Fargo’s Fraud Department number.  Maybe the fraud department can give these idiots some tips on how to actually do their work.  I’m betting, no.

Then today I called Wells to tell them what was going on.  The guy was really nice.  He told me to stop talking to the idiots.  The professionals were taking care of things.

I like that.

Because Zynga is a little too pathetic to trust.



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