Mental Magpie Tendencies

August 26, 2009

Would someone PLEASE explain to me why I feel the need to express my deep seated procrastination through needless searches for little pieces of information I have forgotten?  Please?

I have just spent an hour searching for a funny word I used randomly in a conversation / email / something to someone …. earlier this year?

I don’t remember the word, I don’t remember the context, it has nothing to do with ANYTHING going on in my life but it was important for me to search for it.

I know who thought it was funny.  But I’m not the flavor of the month in that household so I don’t think I’ll be calling to get the answer from them.

Maybe that’s why I’m focused on it.  Maybe this is my minds way of saying… what’s up with that situation.

Well, dear brain, I don’t think I want the drama that asking those question would bring to my doorstep.

Some stuff is best left in the past.

But I really with my mind would let go of this stupid moment – I don’t need to remember the word, I don’t need to remember the context.  If a situation arises were I need this word, I will remember it.

For now – Don’t Tap the Glass… leave the snakes alone.

bye for now


3 Responses to “Mental Magpie Tendencies”

  1. aśka Says:

    Well, maybe remembering and noticing little things is our minds way to try to remain sane. Maybe it is like sanity quiz. Once in a while, your mind will make you see if you can still remember and know what you once did or said. Who knows.

    Isn’t it annoying to not be able to remember something, that you so want to remember? I hate it when it happens to me.

    • eruditeslacker Says:

      If this is a sanity quiz then I failed. But the need to remember this one word that I said that someone found funny is receding so I feel better. Maybe I’m becoming complacent with my insanity. Who knows.

  2. aśka Says:

    You know, when you look for keys or scissors and you are giving up and you are stopping the search? That’s precisely when you find them!

    So, that word you were searching may just come back suddenly.

    Insanity is not as bad as the general population may think it is.

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