Well that was…

August 28, 2009

I went to the first day of the first ever Eat Real Festival at Jack London Square today.

It started at 4pm but they were running behind which makes sense… first day of a new festival.

There was a nice band over by the water.  There were TONS of ice cream vendors – which was awesome for most people because it was very warm / hot.



There was also a beer shed.  Tickets were $20 online or $25 there for the beer shed.  I did not imbibe.  Maybe the rest of the event would have been better if I had only gone for the beer.


The reason I went on this day was because the speakers were all focused on canning / fruit / forage / fermenting.  My kind of thing.  Or so I thought.


First off – they were late.  Really late.  Fine.  At least the seating area for the stage was shaded.  Thank you very much PG&E (they sponsored the stage).  Second – the MC (who was very good when she arrived) was late… but that might not have been her fault.

But Third – and I just couldn’t get over this one…. the first speaker was not a good public speaker, she didn’t know her audience.  She didn’t explain things unless prompted by the audience or the person who was up there with her.  She didn’t read out the recipe she was using.  She’s got a book coming out from Chronicle Books next fall but she doesn’t know the science behind her topic.  She got a book deal why?  Maybe I’m just being bitchy, but I don’t think so.

Fourth and Final…  foraging…  This guy has made a business out of foraging for food.  That’s great.  He made a recipe with a marsh green that grows all over the place.  Fabulous.  Until the part where someone asked if what he was doing was legal.  Turns out – not so much.  Apparently he gets his foraged good, that he then sells, from places that don’t allow people to just come pick their own.  Parks don’t let you take anything out.  Private land is PRIVATE LAND.  He had no remorse.  He’s totally good with what he’s doing.  He joked about having the Presidio scold him and almost give him a $500 fine.  I don’t find it funny.  Whether I think it’s right or wrong to “fence in the common” – IT’S THE LAW.  Don’t like the law, petition to change it.  Would I care as much if he was just feeding himself?  Probably not.  But he’s selling this stuff.  He’s made this his living.  Vegetable poaching… great.

Sadly by this point I just wanted to go home.  So I missed Happy Girl Kitchen and their pickle demo but I think I’m okay with that.

All in all I was glad I went.  But I don’t think I’ll go back this weekend.

Maybe next year.

After all – it’s their innaugural festival… there were bound to be some bumps.




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