The Allure of a Hardware Store

August 30, 2009

Will, Heather and I went to Lowe’s Hardware today.  It was a trek or more appropriately it was an adventure.  Usually we go to Home Depot since it’s closer but Lowe’s has a bigger selection of individual vinyl tiles for sale.  So off we went in the truck to Union City.

I don’t know if it’s strange or not but all of us have fond memories of going to hardware stores with out fathers.  Heather is of the Home Depot age but Will and I grew up around independent and local hardware stores.  Will in Ohio and me in Sacramento.  Lumberjacks and Emigh Hardware.  Lumberjacks closed a while ago but Emigh’s is still going strong.


My father gave me wood pencils and big domes of chalk.  Heather got to play with the chalk line in her fathers toolbox.

Today I bought WallDog screw & anchor in one!  I don’t need them, they aren’t for a project but I had to get them.  I blame my father for this.  I think he would be okay with that.


When it comes right down to it, I love hardware stores because they remind me of my dad.  I haven’t been to a hardware store with my dad in a few years but I feel like he’s with me every time I walk through the doors.

And I wish they still sold the lumber pencils individually.  Like when I was a kid.



PS – Lowe’s vinyl tiles are cheap, thin, and not really worthy of the very lovely store.  I still recommend the store, just not the tiles.


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