No Idle Hands Here

September 1, 2009

Last time I was at Whole Foods the checker and the bagger were talking about retirement and how you either have nothing but time on your hands or you don’t have enough hours in the day.

I would be the not enough hours in the day kind of person.  If only it was time to retire.

It’s not.

But think of all the hobbies I could indulge in if I had unlimited time.  I think I would take up woodworking.  I’d finally buy a saw and an orbital sander.  Or maybe I’d settle down and finish the king sized quilt I’m working on.  It’s just a rainbow of fabric strips but I’m quilting puzzle pieces onto it.

quiltThis project should be done some time in 2020… or there abouts.

Of course I could finish the Buddha painting … Will thinks I might finish but it might not be in his lifetime.  Nice Will…. I feel good.

Here’s a sort of recent picture of Buddha and the fishes.

100_3487Yeah – this might be done around Christmas time if I’m VERY lucky.

Hobbies… I’ve got them.

What about you?



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