The physical book

September 2, 2009

E-books and E-publishing are becoming more and more prevalent.  But I’m unwilling to buy a device when there are still so many things that could change in the market.  Besides, why pay the same for a book in digital format that has no resale?  Why not buy the paperback and then trade it or better yet, get the book from the library.

Except that E-publishing is becoming bigger and bigger and some books are only being published electronically.

No matter – until they figure out what the final form is going to be … I’ll sit this out.

Besides, I read in the bathtub and that means no electronic devices.  Since I’ve watched Mythbusters and I don’t want to die that way.

wall o' dadRecently I’ve been looking at my book collection and remember books that I have forgotten about.  I forgot about my collection of Spalding Gray books / monologues, so intense and personal.  I didn’t remember exactly how many of Ray Bradbury‘s books I owned.  Which is kind of dumb since he is my favorite author.  I have vivid memories of the Arden branch of the Sacramento Library.  They’ve remodeled by I still remember where the science fiction section was when I was a little kid.  Eyes like my favorite aggies… and the men of Earth came to Mars.

My big collection of Jules Verne and my signed Christopher Moores…  All those Stainless Steel Rat books, which go so well with my bishop statue.  My odd collection of non-fiction books about evolution and art.

You could tell a lot about me from my dvd collection and find me to be schizophrenic if you spent too much time with my cds.  But my books, my books would tell you exactly who I am.

I don’t think I could ever let go of the physical manifestations of myself.

I’m going to go read now.



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