Fun with Flashing

September 5, 2009

I actually made this a while ago but I forgot to post it because it ended up taking a few days to get just right.

I read somewhere that some kinds of flashing is magnetic – depending on the metal.  I can never remember which kind is or isn’t magnetic so I just take a magnet from the magnet section of the hardware store over to the section with the flashing and test it out.  (And yes I return the magnet to the correct place before I leave.  I’ve worked retail.  I don’t make their lives harder if I can help it.)

The first time I used flashing I just screwed it into one cabinet front in the kitchen.  Instant magnet board for recipes.  And a whole lot cheaper than any other magnet board on the market.


Since that went so well I thought about other projects I could create with flashing.

I keep a collection of cards – birthday cards, Christmas cards, birth and marriage announcements, etc – strung on twine with clips.  This would be great to transfer over to magnet boards.


Home Depot had 5×7 flashing tiles… so I got a set of 25.


Aaron Bros had a custom frame that didn’t get picked up so it was marked down twice.  I got that because the measurements would work perfectly with 5×7 tiles.


So I had to go out and get more tiles to finish it… so what.

I tried to just tape them all together but that didn’t work.  So I had to get a piece of plywood to back the whole thing.


I glued them all down with craft glue because that’s what I had.

I use a hanging kit that would support a good chunk of weight.


Up it went.  It worked really well.  I think I need to get more strong magnets.


So that’s what you can do with flashing…  if you wanted to.



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