You feel what you feel

September 8, 2009

A friend told me that she doesn’t think she and her long distance boyfriend are going to make it.  They care about each other a great deal but she’s in one place and he’s in another.  They can’t give each other what they need and instead of ignoring that they are most likely going to break up.

I told her that sucked.  And that I didn’t have any great words of wisdom about the issue because basically it just sucked.

I was shocked by what she told me in response.

I was the only person that said… that sucks and left it at that.

Everyone seemed to feel the need to add on “it’s better this way” or “it’s for the best”… like there had to be a winner and a loser instead of it just being full of suck.

I’m all for looking on the bright side but come ON… sometimes things just suck.  It’s perfectly okay to feel like crap, to say this STINKS, and cry.  A pint of high quality ice cream is always good at a time like that.  Wallow a bit and then get on with what you have to get on with.  It doesn’t stop the fact that the situation sucks.  It’s just an honest way to deal with it.

Anyone who is positive all the time is either lying to you or themselves.  Possibly both.

Feel what you feel.

I feel like chocolate mousse.



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