Foreign Sprouts

September 9, 2009

A lot of people do not like Brussels sprouts.  I don’t understand why.  I really like Brussels sprouts.

Then someone explained it to me.  Most people have only ever had badly cooked Brussels sprouts.  Over boiled, soggy little cabbages that look like shrunken heads just like Bill Watterson said.

I like them in two different ways.  One is a shredded hash made with lemon juice and white wine.  The other is pan fried with pancetta and shalots.

I clean the sprouts and cut them in half length-wise.

brussels sprouts

Then I chop up some pancetta or in this case slab bacon because I had that on hand.  I prefer pancetta but you make do.  Fry up the pork product of choice.

frying up the bacon

While that’s frying up I chop up the shalots.


Add those in and let them soften.

pig and onion

Then drop in the sprouts.

yummy brussels sprouts

I let them sear a bit and then add in some white wine and cover for a while to steam and add another layer of flavor.

steamy green goodness

After they steam for a while I uncover the pot and let the rest of the wine evaporate and the spouts brown a bit at the bottom.


So that’s how I make my Brussels sprouts.

I don’t know why I bothered to type all this up.  I know you hate Brussels sprouts.



2 Responses to “Foreign Sprouts”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I LOVE brussel sprouts, but roasted with garlic. No pork please.

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