it’s called a parkway strip

September 12, 2009

Do you ever wonder about that land between the street and the sidewalk?  Ever look at it and wonder why some of it is over grown and some of it is paved?  Turns out that it doesn’t really belong to the owner but it doesn’t really belong to the city… it’s a bit of a mess.

Besides, if you do a really nice job of landscaping it then you run the risk of it being destroyed by people getting in and out of their cars or just being evil folk.

And since you can’t really own it and it might be destroyed by bother with it at all.

Here are some parkways around Berkeley.

parkway 1parkway 2parkway 3parkway 4parkway 5parkway 6parkway 7parkway 8parkway 9parkway 10parkway 11parkway 12

Information from the City of Berkeley:

Who owns the parkway strip (planting strip between the curb and sidewalk) and who owns the street trees?
The planting area between the sidewalk and the street is part of the City right-of-way. It is also called the parkway or planting strip. It is owned by the City of Berkeley and an easement is granted to the adjacent property owner for “permitted” uses. Permitted uses include planting shrubs and flowers. However, written permission is required to plant, prune or remove City trees (as provided by the Berkeley Municipal Code, chapter 12.44). By default, all trees growing in the City right-of-way are property of the City of Berkeley whether or not they were planted with a permit. The city assumes responsibility for the trees and has an active program to ensure they are properly maintained.

Clear as can be, right?



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