I wonder if Sookie and Bella are anemic…

September 14, 2009

I gave blood on Saturday.

Blood Cells

It had been a while and I was getting a lot of calls from the lovely folks at the Red Cross.  I had been putting them off for a very long time.  I actually got 2 years free of calls because of body art.  All the other times I just didn’t want to bother because while I wanted to give blood; they wouldn’t take it because my iron count was too low.  I remember the test.  They would stick a needle in your finger and the drop your blood into a liquid and if it dropped to the bottom within a given time you were good to go.  Mine just floated at the top.  No iron.  Not good.

I took a multi-vitamin with iron before going but that didn’t work.

Then one day my doctor decided that I needed a full-blood panel… that’s fun.  And it turns out that I have NO iron in my body.  No reserves, nothing.  So mandatory iron supplements.  Joy.  Only my doctor is kind of a genius / really good general practitioner, so she talked to a blood specialist to find out exactly what I needed to do.

Know what she found out?  You can’t take iron and calcium at the same time.  They cancel each other out.  So those multis that have iron and calcium… not doing a thing for you.  In fact you can’t have calcium for a couple of hours before or after.  Oh and if you really want to actually absorb the iron you need to take it with vitamin C.

Elemental IronvitaminC

No one tells you this stuff.

Several people have told me that I did a good thing giving blood but they can’t because they are anemic.  Well, if you’re anemic… take iron but take it right before bed and take it with vitamin c.  You should feel better pretty quickly.  At least I did.

Any who, thinking of all this iron / blood stuff made me wonder if the women who vampires fall for are anemic or if they have really high iron counts and that’s one of the reasons the vampires love them so.


What do you think?



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