My Love of Sugar

September 23, 2009

A lot of finance blogs start by telling people to stop buying coffee out.  And they might have a point.

But as a VERY VERY VERY lazy person, making coffee in a coffee pot and cleaning it up or worse cleaning up a moka pot… UGH.

The price might be worth it.

Then I was in a very well paying market research thing and I got a couple hundred dollars all at once.

That’s when I bought Sugar.


Back in the long, long ago when I worked at Williams Sonoma I never bought an espresso machine because of money but ALSO because of space.

Sugar is a smaller model that I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon (the same discount W-S gives for electrics).  So it fits in my crowded counter top.

And now I can make myself an Americano every single day and not go buy one at Peet’s.

It’s smart, it’s already paid for itself, and it’s cute.

You don’t have to buy a huge machine.  You can if you want to but really, any machine can be a good machine.  Sugar is a Breville.  Breville has a great filter that provides the fabulous creme.  It’s not the pressure so much as the filter.  You have to make sure the grind isn’t too fine so it doesn’t clog the filter.  But since I did work at William-Sonoma, I knew about that.  So I keep the grind a little rough and it works like a dream.

I love my morning coffee.

and I love my Sugar.



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