I Forgot To Tell You

September 24, 2009

So for some reason on Friday I was looking around Craiglist and ended up reading an ad for fabric in San Francisco.  There were no pictures but I was interested by the ad so I called the number.

I was the first person to call about the ad.  Turns out Glen is a fabric designer and he’s moving studios so he wants to get rid of some of his excess fabrics.  Since he’s so busy he didn’t have time to take pictures but we set up a time for me to go into the city and look to see if there was anything I might like.

I figured it was worth a shot.  So I wandered over on Monday, walking up to North Beach from Embarcadero.  Glen turned out to be the nicest guy.  He had this amazing 4th floor walk-up apartment that he was using as his studio.  The views were AMAZING!

And the fabrics….. made in Italy… they sell for over $100 a yard.  I could NEVER afford to buy this kind of thing.

Glen asked why I wanted the fabric so I showed him my bag and told him about my website and etsy store.  Soft goods is how he classified my works.  He liked what I was up to.  Although he, like Ally, thinks I should get a store and mass produce.

He let me paw through his fabrics and I picked the stuff I could really make something special with.

100_3932100_3937100_3938atomic snowflakes

Aren’t they stunning?  Isn’t he a great designer?  He said he’d keep his eyes open to see if he find anything else that I might like.

Sometimes it’s a great idea to answer a craigslist ad.



One Response to “I Forgot To Tell You”

  1. Clara Says:

    Wow! I need to fondle these.

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