you must be kidding me

September 25, 2009

Head – Desk – Repeat

So I was talking to my stepmom tonight and she asked what was new.  I decided to tell her the continuing saga of the search for an anvil.  Especially since I picked up a bench block in Oakland thanks to a comment from the anvil post.  Always good to lead with a happy ending already, right?

To start the story I ask if she knows what an anvil is because just about all the hardware stores I called DIDN’T.

Instead of saying yes, why?  …  she says yes, your father has one in the garage.  Do you want it?

Yes – I would like it right now so that I can pound my head against it until I am rendered unconscious, thank you very much.

Turns out Dearest Dad o’ Mine has large vice grip with a bench block attached in the rafters of the garage.  Where it has been gathering cobwebs since they moved over a decade ago.  It’s perfect for what I want to do – namely hammer away at very large grommets.


I really wish I had known this YESTERDAY!  Argh.

Well – looks like I can return the bench block I bought today, at least according to the paperwork I have.  I’ll call tomorrow to confirm.  It’s another trip to Oakland but it saves me almost $30.  So, it’s worth it.

New rule… ask Dad first.



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