Clara had an oodle of pumpkins to carve and asked if I wanted to help out.

Actually, she was going to do the carving yesterday but yesterday was kind of nuts and I was tuckered out.  But she ended up doing it today and I said I’d wander over to help out.

I’m not really all that interested in carving pumpkins but I’m big on helping out and it’s always nice to hang out with Clara.  So I wandered over in the afternoon to do facilitate the pumpkin carving.

Meaning I cut open a few pumpkins and scooped out the guts.  If I had thought things through I would have taken off my ring before starting but oh well… onward!

First thing that needs to be mentioned is that pumpkin carving really brings out the ax murderer in someone.  Plunging the blade into the gourd and then pulling it out only to raise up the knife and jab it in again…. really amazing way to get your aggressions out.  The sound is great too… that deep thunk you get from hitting a fresh pumpkin.  Nothing like it.

Second… pumpkin guts are well named.  Although pumpkin brains works too.

Third – Clara let me take all the leftover pumpkin gray matter home for the compost bin!  YEAH!


disemboweling a pumpkinpumpkin guts and or brainsthe scene of the crimeI actually feel a little guilty about this.Archibald and Aloysiussad pumpkinHe doesn't really like your costume.The dentist said I didn't have any cavities.

Message Pumpkinall together now

Happy Halloween Everyone!




OMG chocolate frosting

October 30, 2009

I made frosting last night.

Wait – let me explain that a bit.  Today was my boss’s boss’s birthday.

Now, I like EVERYONE I work with.  They are all awesome, good people.  So birthday = treat!  I asked and was given the prompt MILK CHOCOLATE!

So I made a chocolate buttermilk cupcake with a milk chocolate frosting.  The cupcakes were nice but nothing fabulous.  But the frosting rocked the WORLD!

Here we go…

Recipe found HERE!

whisking the custardmelting milk chocolate!I had enough powdered sugar!!!fluffy buttery goodnessbeaters are a thing of wonderisn't it stunning?look... cupcakesHappy Birthday JP!!!


So insanely good!!!


I’ve got nothing

October 29, 2009

I’m currently making beef stew and milk chocolate frosting with chocolate cupcakes – yes I’m taking pictures, yes I’ll post about both dishes later.

But at the moment I don’t have anything earth shattering to post except this…

Amazon has a free sampler of Philip Glass music available for download.

I think it’s a nice set of music but then I like Philip Glass.


Words from the past

October 28, 2009

So yesterday I read this article from Off-Beat Bride and in it two things were mentioned… Cringe and the Salon of Shame.

Anything with names like that has to be looked at.  So I looked.  I could not imagine anything more horrifying that reading my diary entries from age 12 to a group of strangers unless it was reading my diary entries from age 12 to a group of friends.

Thank goodness I don’t keep a diary.

So I took this new and interesting information and shoved it to the back of my head.

Then Ally called.  I told her about people reading their old diaries and she said I’d never guess what she found today.  You guessed it… old diaries.  Not from when she was 12 but old enough to be a different lifetime.

She read random passages.  They were actually more interesting now than when I heard them the first time around.  Time had aged them well.  Or maybe I just have a different perspective now.

Since she was reading her old writing, I thought I’d try to dig up some of my own.  I found a few notebooks with old snippets of stories I was writing or was going to write.  Random paragraphs that might or might not have had a story attached to them at one time.

She really liked this one piece that she thought made a good poem.  I think it was supposed to be an introduction to a story about mummies or aliens.  I have no idea which.

Anyway, she wanted me to type this up, so I did.  And here it is…

Something happened in the desert.  Out in the golden seas of grains and wind.  Where waves of time beat against the earth in a battle that has no end.

Something happened in the desert, in the ocean of history and mystery.  In the rocks and the sand.  In the place of kings and empires and death and forever.

Something happened in the desert.  In a place I only remember in my soul.  In a time I never lived.  In the womb of all life going back in waves of grain and tides of time.  Back beyond life, inside its center.

Something happened in the desert.  And if we don’t do something soon it will happen again.

Blood spills freely and without end over the same sand that cradled civilizations.  Something happened in the desert and no one believes me.

She likes it but personally I find it overwrought.  Oh well, to each their own.


The creeping MUST stop!

October 27, 2009

I know about Christmas creep.  And I guess I understand why retailers do it but I think it has finally gone 7 steps beyond too far.

Eggnog in October

Eggnog in October…  Deep breath… nope, still really not okay with this.

The thing is I wait for eggnog.  I watch for eggnog.  I LOVE eggnog.  I use it in my coffee, I drink it with my bourbon, I even make my own in the summer… I LOVE eggnog.

And I really wanted to buy it when I saw it.  But I can’t.

I can not give in to this insanity.  We have to stop.

The festive holiday gift-giving season is my favorite time of year.  It lasts from Thanksgiving until the end of January when it is strongly suggested that I take the outdoor lights down from my cubicle walls.  I love every single holiday that falls into that time – Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Solstice, St. Lucia Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa.  But that does not mean that I want the season to stretch out farther and farther.

It’s Halloween people.  Focus on that.  Pumpkins and candy and costumes.

Then it will be Thanksgiving…. tablecloths, food, kitchen junk you only use once a year if that, turkeys and pumpkins again.

After THAT we can get into the joy and wonder that is snowflake welcome mats, chill-out Christmas carols and snow-globe lawn displays, wrapping paper and ribbons, gifts and gift cards… etc etc etc.

The earliest I want to see eggnog in the store is the week before Thanksgiving.  Before that, it just seem crass.

Christmas shopping in October isn’t going to save retail.  More than anything it’s just going to alienate people.

Or maybe not.  Maybe it’s just me and a few of my friends who find this repugnant.  I don’t know anymore.

I’m going to go try not to think about this until it’s time to really think about the holidays.


No, Just No

October 26, 2009

I’d love to write a blithe, pithy, uplifting post for you to enjoy but I can’t.  I can’t because my brain has been derailed by this article.

Now I really like Broadway musicals.  I find them to be very enjoyable.  And apparently I don’t have anything against Hollywood films being made into Broadway musicals because I’m really hoping that the touring company of 9 to 5 swings by my neck of the woods.

That being said… COCKTAIL THE MUSICAL?

Are you really telling me that you can’t come up with anything better than that?


Okay – let’s walk away from the “can’t you think of something new” and try a different line of reason.

Do you HONESTLY believe that this will make money?  That it has the legs to run on Broadway for the 4 plus years it would take to break even?  Yes – I know – it sucks but that’s Broadway.  You want to try something experimental then go off-Broadway or leave New York.  It can be done but it takes work.

I can’t even get past the idea that someone is sinking money into Cocktail: the Musical.

Does this mean we can pick any 1980’s movie we want and have someone make it into a musical?

Hmmm… now that’s an idea.  What would be fun?  What would be fabulous…

The Abyss … the Musical!

Now that I’d look forward to.


The Resurgence of Rum

October 24, 2009

Rum has never been my poison of choice.  I mostly keep it around for Hot Buttered Rums on cold nights.  I like to keep a sugary spiced butter mix in the fridge just in case I need a warming bedtime indulgence.  Emril’s is my recipe of choice.

a nice cup of hot buttered rum

Even though I’m not a dedicated fan of rum I have been watching the rise of a new rum cult.

First there is The Ministry of Rum website, an interesting combination of information.  Second there is the mystery of San Francisco’s Smuggler’s Cove.  I remember seeing rum barrels with an elephant while at Hanger One a few years ago.  Rum, rum, everywhere I look is rum.  This one is particularly intriguing… Kraken Rum.

So my conclusion is this…

Rum is the new Vodka.