I find this VERY interesting

October 3, 2009

I’ve read a few posts recently that showcase two very current trends that are intersecting.  The Green Revolution seems to be meeting the Modern Economic Crises and the intersection melds together rather nicely.

Here are the latest posts I’ve read about cost saving measures that happen to be green.

small measures with ashley: heat saving suggestions

Beyond the Slow-Cooker: 10 Eco and Budget Friendly Household Helpers

Adopting Greener Behaviors Or Just Cheap?

Now, personally, I’m all about belt tightening.  I think it’s good for the soul.  Save your money for what is really important.  Like trips to the coastal vineyards of France or the BIG cabin on an Alaskan cruise or going to the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro.  I’m all about spending money, just not letting it slip through your fingers.

Some frugal tips are kind of a step too far but some of them are really spot on.  The trick is to pick and choose because the really big thing you need to do is THINK.  Think about the planet, think about your life, think about your money.

Once you do that… things come a little easier.



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