I’m blaming this on Jules Verne

October 16, 2009

It started with this post from Mary Robinette Kowal.


I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want to make their own squid?  I wanted to… so I made BRAD and then I made BETSY.  Now I check on them every day and see if they’ve grown, how far they’ve traveled and what they had been up to.

It’s all part of the Te Papa The Colossal Squid Exhibit.

Colossal Squid!  I LOVE Squid and not in a “ooooo calamari” kind of way.  Although I do enjoy calamari.

I’m pretty sure that Jules Verne and 2000 Leagues Under the Sea are to blame for my love of the squid.



Nemo is awesome and the squid is epic.  And now they are pulling these things out of the ocean.



As cool as the real one’s are… and I would LOVE for this exhibit to show up at the California Academy of Science



I really like the less realistic interpretations of squid / octopi.


SquidandNautilusuhaul squid

squid cake

Now… off with you… make a squid.



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